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Let me say this again another way. I grew up in metro Detroit watching
my friends run drugs but I would not. My son went to jail because he
was enticed behind my back for selling. Drugs are the easiest way in that
democratic jungle.

Detroit has been far left since the 60's.

Bill Clinton brought drugs into Detroit in the 80's and 90's and James Comey
was the Clinton's defense attorney way back then. Comey got Bill and
Hillary off thru red tape and when that didn't work a bullet put to sleep
anyone with hard evidence.

James Comey may be a repentant man now, I don't know but let's hope
James has become broken hearted over the years due to all of the guilt
of murdering on his shoulders.

Like so many, high profile men are targeted to be induced into the secret
order by promises of riches beyond their wildest dreams. Of course when
young aspiring university grad's take the bait, they have no idea what
those big deals will require.

In Detroit I have witnessed the operations of the police on the take and
how the drug gangs are protected by them. The only thing these gangs

understand is the barrel of a gun. Children have asked my for 40yrs
as I walked the side walks if I would like some "COKE"? I always replied
"NO THANK YOU" and even tho I smoked weed and drank like a fish in
the 80's (I was 24yrs old) it always hurt me to the core to see a youth
up 10-12yrs old selling on the streets to get food.

Hillary and Bill brought these drugs in, this was and is well known to those
still alive with any damning evidence. James Comey was there in Arkansas
helping the Clinton's bury all of the dead bodies in the 80's.

All of the mafia groups of the past are like pussy cats compared to what
the Clinton's have achieved worldwide. The Clinton News Network (CNN)
has brain washed the average person to the point not many know what is
truth or fiction.

The streets back home are filling up with homeless and the FEMA reservations
have been activated around the nation. Camps are filling up in SC where I
lived near Columbia.

The News hardly reports on the suffering that this government has caused.

The dirty cops shoot at the drop of a hat and the good cop's are killed
based on what the dirty cop did on the streets. Cop's in Detroit have been
pimping and selling or redistributing drugs from bust's forever.

Comey has moved up over the years because he can be trusted by the
Clinton Mafia.

The secret service told the nation that Bill had them standing guard out
front of 100's high profile women's homes while he had sex when them
during his Presidency here in the USA. Paid for by USA tax dollars.

Bill's response? "I did not have sex with that woman" also when asked if
he ever smoke pot he said yes but "I didn't inhale" Bill had been bringing
in drugs for 20yrs by then.


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