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Official rumor

Bill Clinton gave the head of the FBI an offer that he couldn't refuse. Everyone knows about Bill's long list of murders. The head of the FBI relented on turning over info to congress. BUT,
FBI Sends Docs On Clinton Probe To Congress
House GOP Details Perjury Charges Against Clinton
The house of Representatives is definitely DOWN on obummer and killary; House Just Passed "Donald Trump Act" - Sends Big Message to Obama! - The Political Insider
So, why did Bill risk it? Why hasn't killary been indicted?

" Dr. Willie confirms prior reports that the real reason Hillary Clinton was not indicted is because the Clinton Foundation is connected to over 200 high ranking government officials, in 30 different government offices, who have been using their positions and the Clinton Foundation to peddle U.S. data, intelligence, weapons, uranium, and to skim millions for themselves from the public coffers. "
Dr. Jim Willie: We Are Just Weeks Away From Worst Crisis in Global History (Video) | Politics
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