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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Hi Ufo,

I'm not looking for trouble. I'm looking for this running magnet
motor you claim to have completed and is working.

And if you click on the icon after your username at the beginning of
the quote it will transfer you to the source post and there you can see
the entire context. So I am not altering, hiding or misleading anything,
just simply reducing your quote to the applicable statements to which
I address.

Let us see the machine work.


This "THREAD" like all threads are about research. Each person is offered
an opportunity to give the results of their tests or findings concerning
the ideas that they present. The work shown is often a result of years
of work/understanding/experimenting. This accumulated knowledge that
is given for review will take time to digest.

Respect for each other is so important and no one demanding results
especially without ever doing the tests has grounds to insult based on
what they consider a lack of information.

Research is long drawn out, pain staking process of trial and error and no
one inventor has all of the answers. This is the reason for the website
forum. Each man must work at a normal job and later further his findings.

This group of men are not here to save the world. No blind hero's here.
Many hero's of the past have been bought off and or shot at. What we have
learned to do is to use our depth of understanding to focus on what seems
like insignificant effects. In this way only a true inventor will become part
of the investigation by offering experimental results.

We will all come to realize many working principles all at the same approx.
time, everyone coming forth with machines and no one hero to shoot at.

People here for other reasons such as filing patents of other inventors
research will be revealed and stopped whenever possible. Other reasons
for being here also include a paid informant sent to slow the work thru
harassment then reporting back with tidbits to the funders of planned

Many mainstream Universities feel threatened by the new paradigm just
around the corner at this interval in history and wish to thwart what THEY
consider to be a plot to discredit the current dogma spewed from their

If you continue these evasive attacks on one or any of our lead researchers
I will take it personal. That is something that only serves to slow the work
but I will rise to confront you regardless.

Your reason for being here will finally be uncovered.

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