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This Post is for the Magnetic Motor Builders ONLY

Hello to All the Magnetic Motor Builders on this Thread,

I will go ahead and share here the latest development that I did on my Magnetic Motor. It took me many, many hours of work to reach this Final Design.

I will try my best to be very specific and clear so I do not have to come back again to clear anything else beyond this post, and I may be editing this post to add more if I feel it is required, later on...

I did a Zoom Diagram of how I REDUCED AND COMPACTED the Original Modular Structure proposed by Mack.

Remember that He proposed to use A Two Rotor Magnets MODULE, (at least) in order to conduct the primary tests on achieving a PERFECT BALANCE so that BOTH FORCES would be CANCELED to a PERFECT ZERO.



First the original Rotor Magnets I have ordered had a hole through the Magnetic Axis, but they do not work well for this purpose, due to changes in the rotor mounting.

I had to get the SAME SPEC TYPE as before, EXCEPT they have the hole at their Bloch Wall, like shown above (Note the white Dot at center) and you could see the way poles are...This way they are better to be aligned properly, mount them, etc,etc.

Like I always do...Blue is North, Red is South for all magnets on above Diagram.

As you all noticed I have used Two Stators per each Rotor Magnet, as well as One Ramp for each Stator.

1-FIRST BUILDING STAGE is to Obtain a Perfect Zero Cogging Force, but MAINLY No Sticking at all!!, when passing Rotor Magnet through Both Stators BEFORE adding the Ramps. This is the harder step to achieve, since the proximity of both opposed forces acting on each of the rotor magnet poles which are set at such close gap.

2-SECOND BUILDING STAGE is to Add FIRST the Attracting Ramp and adjust it until observing that "Jump" where Rotor Magnet PASSES that Green Center Adjustment Line.

3-THIRD BUILDING STAGE Here You add the Repulsion Ramp...and adjust it to EXTEND that Jump BEYOND the Attract Angle throw.


You could do Three at 120 or Two every 180, depending on how many total Rotor magnets you are going to install.

This Design allows you to much easier OVERLAP Each MODULE.

Now, the Rotor Magnets are screwed to only one surface side of Rotor, allowing each rotor magnet to sweep through both Stators. You could use a second screw with or without a bracket to lock each rotor magnet when the right angle, zero cogging is achieved. (cancelled forces).

Later on, when you have Motor running, You could add a RING, same diameter as Rotor, but just to the width of magnets in order that each rotor magnet screws through both parts. That would give more strength holding rotor magnets in place.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that Mack's Motor uses the Magnetic Fields Tendency to Perfectly self Align to the opposite pole, AS to Align towards the heavier (more Mass) End from the Iron Ramps.

I call this Specific Force the TORSIONAL FORCE

On above Diagram I have separated them in Two:

Torsion Force A

Torsion Force B

And even though they occur simultaneously, Our objective is to "Split them" in Two, where the Dead Line between one and the other is the Green Center Line.

Torsion Force A would be generating the Attraction Acceleration (Red Attract Stage Arrow) Up to the green center line. TFB is off here.

Torsion Force B would be generating the Repulsion Acceleration (Blue Repulse Stage Arrow) From the green center line on. TFA is now off.

If You all notice, each Two Stators create a Very Strong Repulsion Field between them, where Rotor magnet flows through, in the case of the Diagram above they are Two South Poles facing each others. However, you could REVERSE this Field, by using a North Stator Repulsion Field in the opposed Module, but having in mind that your Attract-Repulse Sequence Order will REVERSE ALSO.

I highly recommend to use the SAME REPULSION FIELDS FIRST, that way you will have very well defined that ALL INNER RAMPS are Repulsion as ALL OUTER are Attract. It is easier this way to detect which end requires adjustment.

A Repulsion Field is generated by Two Opposite Spins, and there is VAST EXPLANATION about this to understand it fully, however, I do not consider it is necessary to go in detail on this part, PLUS, it is MATERIAL THAT BELONGS to ANOTHER FUTURE THREAD.

Even though this same compact design will work as well within Stators generating an Attraction Field, and because of the Symmetrical Vectors of Forces acting on Rotor Magnet, it is easier to balance/cancel forces than the repulsion field.:


This design would allow you to build much compact Models than the extended 180 MODULES.

Everything else, that Mack has told Us, remains exactly the same way.

Remember that this Motor works only if we are EXTREMELY ACCURATE building it.

Lousy builds, loose bearings, shaft play, uneven gaps, uneven angles separations, unbalanced magnets, unbalanced rotor will definitively won't allow it to run.

WARNING: Make sure you have easy access to the OUTER RAMPS EXTENDED ARMS (What Mack called the Scorpion Head) to adjust, but mainly to STOP MOTOR!!

I wish the best of luck on your Motor Build.

As I would love to hear Mack's opinion about this design.


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