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Actually the secret is...

Actually the secret to make it run lies on the Model built.

If You guys use the one Model shown will definitively work!


But, you will have to reproduce it EXACTLY like Citfta did above.!

Same pieces of wood , don't forget the holes on the left side stator holder...and the silicon ...must be clear.

The CD must be from an old Windows 98...because of the laser cut balance on the program disc-rotor, etc,etc

Oh, I almost forget!!...the sheetrock screw must be exactly there, on the right side!

Also notice the stator's holders are completely "Asymmetrical" pieces of wood!!

If you just miss one single won't work!

Notice the Exact Gap separation from both rotor!

It would have to be like reproducing a Master Piece of Art.

Wish you good luck building it!


WARNING!: Wear safety eye goggles!!...this motor reaches speeds up to self destruction, then all the construction materials will fly out like bullets!
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