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harmless drone

MOST of the people in the world would prefer to avoid another war. Russia demonstrated it's new jamming system on the Donald Cook (Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer). The Russian plane made 12 mock attack runs and the ship was completely powerless. I'm sure that Russia would like to avoid world annihilation. This was a demonstration that was meant to be a deterrence.
Brain-dead idiots like Netanyahoo evidently need more convincing.
“Moments ago two Patriot air defense missiles were fired towards a drone which infiltrated Israeli airspace from Syria,”
"An Israeli fighter jet was scrambled that bolted after the intruder and fired an air-to-air missile at it – also failing to hit the target,"
"Israel finishes testing new missile system built with $150mn US" So, this is the Newest missile defense system and it can't hit a drone flying 150? mph.
A fighter jet with and air-to-air missile can't hit a slow drone on a steady course.
The drone never left Syrian air space because the Golan Heights are part of Syria as recognised by the U.N. The Russians have apologised for the accidental intrusion.
Europe is keenly aware that the Russian cruise missiles could completely bypass the European anti-ballistic missile defense system. Russia launched Cruise missiles from the Black sea that arrived on target in Syria.
The neo-con plans center on control of central Asia.

China has NO government debt. America has about $ 60 trillion and another $150 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Russia has little GOV debt.
If pox Americana fails to start a war before the election, there probably won't be a war. Martin Armstrong predicts that gold will make a MAJOR move in january. The Hildebeest has new blood clots in the brain and isn't far from the glue factory. ALL of these items are going to affect markets.
A couple of years ago, Netanyahooo made a secret visit to the Kremlin and ordered Putin to stay out of Syria. Putin personally threw him out and told him that he could make israel a sheet of glass in 24 hours. I suspect that the "overflight" of this invincible drone was another reminder. The "Iron Dome" has turned out to be made of cellophane. The drone has become a BIG suppository for Netanyahoooo.
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