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Hillary Brain Seizure On Stage - Handler Orders 'Keep Talking'
Hillary Parkinsons…Handlers Ready To Inject Her - Pics
Same Black Handler When Hillary Left Hospital w/Brain Clot
Hillary Is Unfit - Breakdown, Stroke, Brain Damage, Drugs?
Big Hole In Hillary's Tongue - Syphilis? Mouth Cancer? - Pics
Before & After Pics Of Hillary's Tongue Show Large Hole - Pics
Hillary Has Serious Physical Problems With Stairs - Photos
Hillary Clinton Calls Trump Her Husband
Hillary Creepy Ad Infers Trump Is A Russian Agent!
Cotton - Clinton Named US Spy In Email - Executed By Iran
Psycho Hillary - Trump A Nazi Because Of German Ancestry!
New Trump Crooked Hillary FB Ad - 2+ Million Views, 24 Hrs
Huckabee - Hillary Is Like A Carefully Groomed Robot
Communist Party Unites Behind Hillary
Live With Yourself Knowing You Allowed The Clintons?
Latest Political Murders...ALL Tied To The Clintons
Key Bernie Backer Charged DNC With Fraud Killed

The jews and the oligarchy have thrown all their weight behind the Hildebeest. Now that they are committed, she is falling apart physically and mentally. Their "solution" Dem rep launches petition to evaluate Trump's mental health | TheHill
"Jul 10, 2016 - Clinton, who had not held a press conference in two years"
She can't even go out in public. The Dems are learning that the horse that they backed is just one step from the glue factory.
" The clot was potentially serious, blocking a vein that drains blood from the brain."
"Doctor: Hillary 'high risk' for blood clots -"
Hillary Clinton Blood Clot Was Life-Threatening, Say Medical Experts ...
Rove: Clinton hospital stay and glasses point to traumatic brain injury ...

Why we should be very wary of using clot busting drugs in CVA › Education
by M Johnston - ‎Related articles
Why we should be very wary of using clotbusting drugs to treat acute strokes ... surprise that it sometimes dissolves through the blood vessel & bleeds into the brain

This horse is soon to go comatose.
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