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You have not chosen the easiest thing to do. The Earth is a pretty big thing and to expect a response in it one has to resort to extreme violence. This violence is measured in Watt or its equivalent Joule per second.
In a capacitor you can accumulate a certain amount of Joules (E= CV˛/2) and this energy can be released in a very short time, as the internal resistance of a capacitor is very small and so the discharge current (I=V/R) is high.
In these two formulas you can see that if the voltage is increased you can store more energy and at the same time the discharge rate increases. Both of these increase the violence.
So the first thing is to raise the voltage as high as you can.
This will quickly present you with a new problem, namely these excessively high voltages are not easily handled.
To overcome this, you must handle/shape the currents while the voltage is still low.
That is relatively easy but that makes it much more difficult to achieve these excessively HV's.
You can read all about my adventures in this field here.

(sorry to answer with so much more to read)

Does that help?

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