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Next step?


I have seen your video; I have read your 66 page document; and I have read most of the comments of this thread. All with great interest. Especially
the document needs more profound reading, because it is a hefty one to consume. So that I have lying ahead of me.

I do think that with your work we're able to drive some specific testing with measurable and replicable results.

That at least is my hope, and I know of many many more people dream the same dream on this planet as I am. A world where energy flows abundantly and freely, for everyone accessible no matter our location.

We need to make this dream a reality as soon as possible. Mega-companies, corrupt leaders and greedy politicians are making a mess of everything and are destroying our planet because of their ever growing greed and blindness.

So, how would you propose to advance together on this important topic?

I personally would like to build a test circuit to verify and explore the Earth Resonance Frequency. I assume you would be able to help with that?

Thanks for all you have done so far, and keep up the good work!
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