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Listen as the lying filth on CNN doesn't get the contempt that Trump
and the people have for this murdering white supremacist elite smuck.

No rule of law exists in this administration and they inbred Democrat's
retards go on and on about nothing but emotionalism while the 18 year
old young men and women do not have enough to eat, no job, no place
of their own and no way to really see down to the end of their tunnel.

I had a young girl ask me for $20 the other days she left her job at WINDY'S
her boy friend was ashamed and hit around the corner while she plead
with me. She was skin and bones and so was he, like stick people.

War is coming very soon to AMERICA because of the have not's need
to eat. The police arrest a girl for walking the streets unless they can
get some favor, the young men run drugs making $500 a week living
a lawless life. Drugs brought in buy the Obama's and the Clinton's.

Divide and conquer, hooked, enslaved, pimped and shot at and no job
to earn an honest living.

Dirty cops kill for pleasure and beat the street people, I have watched.
I have also watched how most of the police are honest kind and loving
to those with no help. All it takes are a few bad apples. Fast and furious
brought about buy Obama and Hillary sent under cover cops out who
raped, stayed drugged up and murdered anyone in their way.

The rest of you retarded American's are in for a huge surprise when
the SHTF that is **** HITS THE FAN meaning you will wonder why
you are suddenly being robbed and held at gun point.

Blind fools.

People will do what they have to so they can get some food.

Hillary and Obama have both committed treason and Trump is furious
in the media's face speaking brazenly mocking these dogs who are
completely comfortable with the slaughter of our youth by current policies.

More will die so that others may survive and nobody sees. Civil war
in being deliberately provoked so marshall law can then herd up the
have not's into the FEMA ovens.

Blood drips off of these figure heads teeth and blind people praise them
as if they were gOds. Be very afraid. There is no fairness.

Someone pleaes arrest this man Trump?

"What difference at this point does it make?" Law and order does not apply.


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