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Just a quick update. Ordered 2 50' coils of 3/16inch copper tubing local lumber yard. Ended up being cheaper than Ebay but it will be a couple weeks. I will need one more 50' coil to wind the secondary, it is about 145'. The Architectural Copper guy was not in today. He is also a river guide so not the best time of year to catch him at store. I had intended to get the copper for the primary today. I also put a longer and higher antenna on the standard crystal radio. It ended up being pointed right at the local radio station and nothing else would tune in. I was getting about 6 stations with it before. 3 of them were strong enough to listen with unpowered crystal earpiece. Been some storms here so antenna is down. gonna point it a different direction next time. A good ground connection is going to be tricky here. The water table could be 1000' down where I am at.

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