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Irish Slaves – What The History Books Will Never Tell You | Your News Wire slave trade

El Centro College Riddled With Bullets; Reminders Of Deadly Ambush « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth July 19

Hannigan said Johnson first approached two officers outside the college’s Lamar entrance. After a brief conversation, he pulled his gun and shot them both. Johnson then took cover behind the school’s pillars, shooting and killing DART officer Brent Thompson.

Johnson shot out the doors on Lamar Street, but was forced back by police gunfire. He then rounded the corner to Elm Street, shooting out doors there, making his way inside the college. AP """ EC map great videos D OB july 20 July 7 fox 43 dailycaller july 7 early video wfaa july 8

Police took one suspect in the shooting into custody in or near the parking garage after a shootout, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said in a statement Thursday night. SJ entry on Austin early video after Micah Johnson/police suv propaganda july 31 dart west end station market/lamar new witness Police audio

3:45 "We got a guy with a long rifle, we don't know where the hell he's at."

18:15 "We got an open window on the side of Lamar, we got rifles hanging out." Lamar street entrance/patrick cooper officers enter from lamar street shaw and abbot enter on lamar altered video Abbot july 15 shetamia taylor first shots on Commerce eyewitnesses """ dallas witness story three suspects arrested

This video fails to include the 15-20 bullet holes in the rear window of the cop car south of Main on the east side of Lamar. This may be one of the reasons the early story had Micah walking north on Lamar, but that's all been changed most likely due to Sidney Johnson's (Central Track) early video. This fairy tale animation doesn't provide any evidence or research that Micah Johnson was involved in the initial ambush. The dash cam footage from this cop car would likely show Micah getting out of his suv and then taking cover behind it before moving to the pillar.

The bullet holes can be seen at the 14 and 28 second mark. Micah was hiding behind his suv for the first four seconds of Sidney's video and he emerges at the 12-13 second mark. At least 8-10 gunshots are heard that Micah could not have fired during the 8-15 second duration.!6m1!1e1

Instead of proving Micah Johnson was the only shooter, they make up delusional reasons for not releasing evidence and information about this massive cover-up. This case defines so clearly how stupid the world really is. THERE IS NO PERSON ON PLANET EARTH WHO THINKS they used excessive force when killing Johnson.

Brown told the City Council earlier this month that much of the information about the attack could be withheld for an indefinite period during an investigation into whether the use of force was justified. He declined to estimate how long that investigation might take, but said his office’s findings would be reviewed by the district attorney and a grand jury.

Authorities have refused public records requests for police reports, 911 calls, audio and video recordings, autopsy documents, crime scene photos and evidence gathered at Johnson's house, which police initially said held an arsenal of weapons and bomb-making material and a journal of combat tactics possibly indicating plans for a larger attack. Other officials have told The Associated Press that Johnson did not have a large stockpile of bomb-making materials.

2:35-3:00 "We know we have another female that we are interviewing." "I do know that the female was a light-skinned african american." VF AR """

Gun found in right hand of a left-handed man. When Foster’s widow was asked if her Husband was left-handed she famously replied “No Comment”.;page=89 rabbit hole

Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you.
For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed. [And there is nothing buried that will not be raised.]" Knowlton Hugh Turley left handed russell welch poisoned unsolved self defense wiener

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