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Sabers rattling everywhere

The insaniacs think that a war with Russia can be won.
How Russia Is Preparing for World War III | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
India is trying to get a prize for stupidity; India Moves Nearly One Hundred Tanks, Troops to Chinese Border
Rense; Erdogan Beat NATO After Taking Control Of Nukes

Israeli Airstrike On Syrian Army Post Near Golan?
Nusra Front Launches Deadly Missile Attack On Golan Hts
The Golan Heioghts are part of Syria but, occupied by israel
Despite China Warnings, US To Run Ops In S China Sea
China Admiral Warns 'Disaster' For US S China Sea Ships
Up To 10,000 NATO Soldiers To Poland
Theresa May Prepared To Kill Masses In Nuke Attack
US Warships Surround China Waters, Prepared For WW3
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