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Originally Posted by Spokane1 View Post
Fellow Researchers:

I have had the pleasure to be in contact with Graham Gunderson and if I recall his words correctly he wishes to pass on these comments.

1. He encourages researchers to explore and reproduce his work to date, however he plans several improvement and modifications to the device that was presented at the conference. So, it will be a moving target. To him there was no point in drafting schematics when he plans to change every thing. (The working technology is less than a month old)

2. He will eventually post on his web site some written material when he gets around to it.

3. He doesn't want to answer a lot of technical questions or teach people advanced electronics (and what he is doing is advanced in some areas). This is a continuing work in progress and not a finished product. He would rather be undisturbed for a few months.

4. He doesn't plan to do another demonstration until he can "Close the Loop"

5. He doesn't know why this system works since its performance was way above any of his expectations. He was hoping for a COP of 1.05. He does have some interesting measurement observations which I shall share later.

6. He would like to move into small manufacturing by selling his circuit boards and other subsystems for general OU work, along with white papers and plans. Maybe some assembled modules. He would also like to advance his technical interests in music.

7. For those of you with the Big Bucks (Probably nobody here) the technology is for sale in this infant form for someone who has the means to take a big gamble.

Sticker price $2 million US Lump sum (this is so he can end up with $1 million after taxes)

This includes 90% of the rights to the provisional patent, copies of all lab notes and written material, data sheets, catalog cuts, etc. The operating prototype as it was shown at the convention w/ possible improvements. And 40 hours of training. This quote is good for 30 days (until Aug. 19, 2016)

Offer does not include the instrumentation.

The price will increase as successful replications, improvements, performance enhancements, university demonstrations, and inflation dictates.

This could turn in to one great adventure.

Mark McKay, PE
Uggghh! That's pocket change for some companies that would want to buy this up and shelve it (bury it forever). Would he still be able to develop and sell this? (if they don't slip in some fine print legalize that would prevent him from doing so).
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