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Paper Review

Originally Posted by RAMSET View Post
All comments welcome.

Chet K
That is some nice work, a good read. Some technical comments:

The output synchronous diode network is only activated for less than 10% (and probably less than that) of the full cycle time. The rest of the time the output is connected to the capacitors with the AC flowing through them with a little 12V DC float on top. I suppose that we now need to use un-polarized capacitors in the output section.

Graham describes the primary as having a huge amount of reactive energy oscillating between the primary and those 8 orange capacitors (8X 1600VDC at 10K2 [.001 uF]). He mentioned values like 1.6 kVAR and peak voltages higher than the 800 Volts discussed at the conference. However his H-Bridge FETS are only rated at 1000 PIV. (He blew one up this last weekend)

The input wave generator (H-Bridge) is intended to just add a little energy to each half cycle to keep the resonance (or whatever) going.

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