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Originally Posted by psiphi View Post
To say that current transformers are 98% percent efficient, says allot about what you don't know. You clearly mistake the ability to successfully step up and down voltage, as a testament to its efficiency, but there are more factors involved that determines efficiency. Last time I've checked, every transformer dissipates EMF into its surrounding environment, and radiates a tremendous amount of infrared energy. How can something be considered efficient, when a tremendous amount of energy gets converted into heat, and acoustic oscillations. Please, don't pretend like you have a clue, because you clearly don't. I've been working on this my whole life!
I assumed you were speaking of the industry standard full load power efficiency. That is Efficiency equals ((power in - loss) / power in) * 100%. The loss is dissipated as heat. Here's a short article on it.


Transformer - Losses and Efficiency |
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