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Not really, but close. My transformer is more like an energy synthesizer. My concept is based on the idea that, "the underlining symmetry of the zero point field can be disturbed artificially". Maintaining this symmetry imbalance allows energy to flow in both directions, the primary windings will cause the imbalance, the secondary windings will collect any residual energy leakage. The total energy potential of the output will be greater than that of the input, even @ 1:1 conversion ratios. Traditional transformers cannot do this, because their coil geometry does not integrate within the divine matrix. It's already a well-known fact that energy appears, and disappears inside large distribution transformers. The only thing I've done is design a transformer that exploits the phenomena and perfected its application in a controlled manner. If people don't get this concept, they're still living in the dark ages of electrical theory. CHOW!!!

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