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No clue

Originally Posted by psiphi View Post
You don't have a clue, but I will make it happen anyway. Rememeber the name - Psi Phi Systems Llc. and "Delta Toroid". I will be attending every major energy conferrence in the states, and the world will see the error in their ways.
I am very knowledgeable on the subject of electric machinery and energy conversion. You come here seeking a benefactor for your novel transformer claiming it overcomes present device inefficiency and a huge universal error in the method of Faraday. My opinion is that transformers are extremely efficient machines and there is no huge error with the Faraday method. I ask for clarification. You give me some BS and tell me I don't have a clue. You're right. I have no clue what you're talking about. Who's fault is that?

If you can't intelligently address my simple questions, I predict you'll have great difficulty finding benefactors. But, there's a sucker born every minute and stranger things on

Go for it and good luck,



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