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Originally Posted by psiphi View Post
I have developed a revolutionary new mode of electromagnetic induction. the "Classic" mode of induction is inherently inefficient, if not down right counter productive to the propagation of energy. The major problem that plagues our electrical infrastructure is resistance and flux leakages, but I have successfully addressed these concerns, via a complete redesign of the induction transformer. My many years of experimenting, and researching esoteric knowledge, has led me to make a groundbreaking discovery. The geometry of the unified field can be replicated in modern technology, and my transformer does just that! It increases amps and volts respectively, and is also self shielding, this is do to the unprecedented phase conjugated magnetic coupling.

I am just a dreamer, who's dreams are now scientific reality, but I can't do it all by myself. I need a benefactor to fund the patent application process, in exchange, I will guaranty you a piece of the pie. Michael Faraday's method of achieving Electromagnetic induction, is actually a huge error in concept and theory. We now know so much more regarding electricity and magnetism, so why are we still making the same errors.

If your transformer outputs more energy then it takes to run it; It's a generator!
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