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some more

Your questions are a little bit outside the scope of this thread, but I will briefly answer them.
This thread is about:
- what is Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter
- how and where did Tesla describe it
- how does it generate (and distribute) power
The distribution part is more or less general knowledge, but not yet accepted by "modern science".

Do you personally think from your experiments pulsed DC is better than HVAC to create the spark discharges across the primary.
With DC you'll have a more controlled/controllable system, even when it is pulsed.
I prefer DC, or rather rectified AC (which comes in pulses).
does he mention anything regards to pulsed HVDC or AC.
Tesla mostly used AC. In his time there were no diodes. But in his more advanced work he used a commutator to change it into DC.

Have you experienced any such effects or am I just psychosomatic looking for scalar waves or longitudinal ether waves? or is there a more common explanation to the skin stinging feeling.
In this video my safety gap fired at 1'23". This was one of the most energetic events that I have witnessed from about 1m distance. It was not a stinging effect but a clearly noticeable push away from the event.
A stinging sensation is felt when you get too close to my coils while they are active. It is like a warning, saying "do not come closer!".
Also when you short a car battery with an iron wire (copper does not work) which you hold in your hand (preferably between your fingertips), sometimes a stinging sensation can be felt.

The term scalar wave is a bit weird. You can not have a wave without motion, you can not have motion without direction, so a wave can not be scalar. Only a field can be scalar.
Also a wave implies an energy exchange between two states, usually one state is a form of potential energy, the other a form of kinetic energy. Kinetic implies motion, motion implies direction etc...
Dr Konstantin Meyl's scalar wave kit.
I do not know what Meyl's game is, but I am not playing it. His practical work is full with wrong assumptions and overlooked facts and his math is downright sloppy. I do not understand how he could become "prof. dr. ing.", his work would look bad on high school students, and I am not going to discuss it here.
On the 1.5 times the speed of light as quoted from Tesla. This originates from his calculations of an electrical signal through the Earth. This signal travels as if it travels in a straight line through the centre of the Earth with a constant velocity equal to c. This means that the effects on the surface of the Earth travel with a varying velocity, infinite at the poles and c at the equator. The average velocity is pi/2 (about 1.57) times c as a bit of simple math will quickly reveal.

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