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Thanks for the reply are some more.

1) In his colorado notes and else where tesla shows two types of power supplies that charge the primary condensers...some circuits show a DC battery and some show a high tension AC transformer to charge the caps.

Now as he scaled up TMT in your opinion did the power supply matter. From my own experiments I have done which is simply a HVDC power supply cap in parallel and static gap....the two spark qualities are different....

now in this forum and elsewhere many believe there is a secret to tapping pulsed DC as opposed to AC capacitive discharge...

Please note I know and understand that ultimately all cap discharges are oscillating voltage / currents but a DC charged cap and AC charged cap ...there is a huge difference in the bias voltage and therefore polarity of the oscillating current flows in the circuit.

The question: Do you personally think from your experiments pulsed DC is better than HVAC to create the spark discharges across the primary.

Since you have obviously read his notes multiple times in great detail...does he mention anything regards to pulsed HVDC or AC.

2) In my experiments with spark gaps and discharging HV caps especially DCHV ccaps I did notice that I would experience some pinging or mild stinging on the face and hands.
Have you experienced any such effects or am I just psychosomatic looking for scalar waves or longitudinal ether waves? or is there a more common explanation to the skin stinging feeling.

3) Regarding the standing wave DC effect. I am not sure if you are familiar with Dr Konstantin Meyl's scalar wave kit.
Meyl - Scalarwave-Technology - The european website of

I purchased this kit a long time ago and have done a range of experiments with it...firstly its not scalar waves or vortex ether is however an excellent scale model of tesla's patent on wireless transmission and to study standing waves in CW mode of operation.

The kit generates hi frequency between 2 to 6v range and is an excellent study tool to study the effects of single wire transmission and standing waves. The black common ground wire is basically the can replace it with a metal ball or large metal object or even a small swimming pool and single wire transmission is easily demonstrated. He has several youtube videos that you can search and find.

Meyl however is a bit of a kook and is convinced his standing harmonic wave is a scalar wave and so goes of the radar in his explanation of standing wave mode of power and signal transmission...this is surprising since he is also an educated engineer and physics and somehow he has confused simple single wire circuits with standing EM waves with tesla's high voltage earth oscillation system.

That being said here are the interesting can tune the circuit to types of resonance...conventional RF LC resonance and at a higher frequency
standing wave resonance.

Conventional resonance you can shield the elevated capacity terminals with your hand or faraday cage etc and the power /signal transmission drops....but when a standing wave is generated no amount of shielding can prevent the single wire transmission. As long as the two spiral secondaries are connected with the common ground it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to stop the receiver using any shielding what so ever. I am confident if I were to submerge the receiver underwater in an air chamber to prevent circuit damage and ran the black wire to the transmitter above the water there will be no loss...orientation or direction of the transmitter vs receiver also seems to have little effect.

The most curious effect is however when the circuit is resonating with a standing wave...if you take a DC probe and measure the vertical capacity of the receiver with respect to the black ground actually get a DC volt of 2 to 6 some cases slightly higher cant remember.

The meyl kit is pure AC from a digital source...and at sanding wave resonance a static DC field is created between common ground wire and elevated capacity.

Coming back to the tesla stuff...if you recall only in the wardenclyffe notes does one see the curious extra top load and straight conductor to ground that is quarter air core coil there...its just a straight metal pole to earth...the height being most crucial to ground.

Given my research with the meyl kit...I know that if you supply pure get static build up at standing wave resonance. This is what I believe is happening in the TMT.

Tesla is using his conventional HV tesla coil to generate the AC signal in order to create a standing wave harmonic. This harmonic builds up massive DC charge leaking to the air as you described.

Now the receiver in my opinion again does not need to be a conventional tesla coil can be identical to the transmitter...a long pole with a top load matched to the transmitter.

In otherwords all you need is a vertical capacity a pole and stick it to ground you have DC field set up. So instead of sticking it directly to ground one wires a lamp or load in series...the size of the top load and length to ground can be changed to match the load.

A street lamp for example does not need a large top load...and the length of connection to ground determines the voltage desired and current flow desired.

All of this of course requires precise or very stable connection to earth ground.

Now you may think this is crazy my friend, but believe me if the wardenclyffe circuit is correct...there is absolutely no need for a receiver to resemble a conventional primary which is only the high frequency high voltage AC signal...the means for opening the valve which is setting up a standing AC wave.

This standing AC wave in a single wire or common ground / earth mode at quarter wavelength will behave like a DC supply from top load to ground.

This is not stuff I am making can test this for yourself...AC standing waves create a DC effect at quarter wave resonance!

This also implies that while maximum power is obtainable with earth coupling...Tesla's diagram shows the earth current AC standing wave propagating into space.

This standing AC wave I believe is what was his interplanetary communications system.

Want to know something even more crazy...signals can be transmitted using the meyl kit using standing waves at 1.5 times the speed of light...but it is really a signal being transmitted on a standing wave that travels at the speed of light...but the information actually reaches the receiver at 1.5 times the speed of light because disturbances in a standing wave seem to travel faster than light.....I am not sure about this...but if you use meyls measurements and directly replicate it with his kit you get the same results...

Now the kit comes with a predetermined length of ground wire and my personal belief is that 1.5 times speed of transmission in standing wave mode can be changed depending on properties of the common it may not be constant....however tesla did determine his waves traveled around 1.5 times the speed of light...not sure the exact speed he measured...long time since I read his colorado notes and other writings!

IF this interests you let me know...,note Tesla made the claim that when you have the thing working right the large top load will resemble the aurora borealis...a gas like flow current....not lightning sparks...

This I believe will be the effect of massive DC potential build up at quarter waver resonance ionizing the air around the top load similar to HV air ionizer....once the DC static charge builds up because of quarter wave standing resonance the effect will be similar to that of the aurora..greenish bluish cloudy glow...this can be seen in illustrations as well as claims of wardenclyffe witnesses according to the pbs tesla doc....not sure if its accurate...however tesla definitely made the statement about the aurora borealis!

To conclude I do believe you are right that he was using analogies for example the self acting another way of describing a massive sterling engine that uses the ambient temperature gradients found in nature or voltage gradients (earth to sky) to increase or become more efficient in energy production and consumption....etc

thanks for your time and wild experiments involve you connecting your large exterior top load directly to earth ground and using your massive impressive HV conventional tesla coil hardware to create standing wave pulses to determine if a HV DC field builds up at quarter wave resonance on the top load wrt earth!
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