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Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
Hello Ernst

Great work on the document. Impressive hardware!!! I say good job sir...very imperssive! As a long time tesla fan who has read most of his works, I am already aware of the transmission of power using the earth which is really a capacitor that is constantly charged by the PCR from sun.

My feedback, please note this is only constructive criticism so that more mainstream people may become interested instead of just brushing it aside as just another tesla nut.
Don't worry. There will always be people who have their own opinion about these things.
So there will always be people in whose eyes I'll be another Tesla nut.
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
1) Regarding the lengthy introduction and Tesla's writings on other industrial processes in his article increasing human energy...I dont think he was talking in code. I believe he was just merely giving his educated opinions on the major engineering challenges of his day so as to make them more efficient.... and how it relates to his work on electricity, oscillations given the limited industrial jargon of his day. After the JP morgan fiasco I believe Tesla was quite happy to be given an opportunity to write a lengthy letter for a major be taken seriously by the general scientific and engineering community...I still dont believe there is a secret bible code type message hidden....perhaps if other references are taken out and the document were to refer only to his electricity theory and power transmission quotes, the document will be much shorter instead of 66 pages....again my was a good read but I have read the article before but I dont think others may have the patience to read it in full to get the important conclusions of the doc.
I am quite sure he did talk in a code, although it is note really a code, it is more like extensive use of analogies and sometimes saying something in a way so that most people will miss the point he really makes.
Surely the document can be shorter if I would take out all the things that you do not believe or think are irrelevant, but then it would not represent my conclusions.
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
2) Lets get to the actual document. So regarding the temperature of the electron...

correct me if I am wrong....does not current ohms law and theory on electric resistance take into account temperature.

Example: The resistance of a 1 meter copper wire will be higher than the same copper wire heated to a 100 degrees. Resistance directly correlates to temperature effect on electrons in solid conductors.
Ohms law: V = I R
There are temperature effects, think of thermocouples and Peltier elements, but that is not covered by Ohms law. The increase in resistance that you refer to is caused by movement/vibration of the metal ions which makes it more difficult for electrons to pass. So it has to do with the temperature of the ions, not the electrons.
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
In vacuum tubes or electron energy in vacuum is measured as the temperature of the electron and has the unit electron volt or eV. The higher the eV the more the kelvin temperature of the electron. There are eV conversion calculators online.
In plasma physics the electron temperature is a recognized property being 2/3 of the average kinetic energy of the particles. This makes it all the more strange that science does not recognize the electron temperature of electron gas inside a metallic conductor.
Note that it does recognize "electron gas" in a metallic conductor.
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
3) INCOMPRESSIBLE Fluid vs compressible gas?

This I have to admit I dont know why tesla says electricity is incompressible fluid early on and then says it is a gas which implies it is compressible later on.

I have always thought electricity is compressible but may be my thinking is wrong. Why tesla ever says it is incompressible baffles reasoning is as follows:

If you take the gas analogy....A capacitor is like a compressor or pressurized cylinder. It has a fixed volume measured in farads and depending on the dielectric ( gas cylinder fixed volume construction material properties) it can be pressurized to any voltage.

if you take a dc power supply and connect a capacitor in parallel and then a lamp...there is a delay before the lamp lights up..clearly the electrons fill up the capacitor or become compressed into a static charge and then light the lamp. if you turn of the power supply, the lamp stays light until the compressed charge or electrons empty out. Clearly this was observed by tesla when he was in high school or in why he called it incompressible I am not able to understand. clearly electrons are compressible otherwise the ability to charge a given capacitance to any voltage or electron pressure will not be possible.

Gas flow circuit analogy:

Take a gas pipe circuit. Take ideal gas and infinite reservoir capable of supplying gas at 2 atm regardless of volume of pipes or blower outlet nozzle etc (DC supply), a gas tank capable of holding 3atm (capacitor) and finally a blower attached to a fan (load)...if you follow the gas analogy and turn on the gas supply, the system of pipes will pressurize to 2 atm including the tank and the blower will turn at the output. When the gas supply is switched off...the blower will continue to turn until the tank that has 2 atm pressurized gas fully depressurizes to 1 atm.

Similary when the gas valve is turned on....the blower fan will not turn at full speed until the gas tank compresses to full capacity and only after that will the blower turn at full load.

To further illustrate the capacitor pressure analogy... a 1000 atm gas tank can be used to compress gas anywhere from 1 to 1000atm pressure...fixed volume.

Similarily a 20KV 4.7uf capacitor can compress electrons anywhere from 10 volts all the way 10kv to 20kv pressure at the same capacity 4.7uf....

incompressible fluid stuff has bugged me to this day...I prefer the gas analogy but again I am not sure what tesla meant...perhaps you can shed some light on this as to why tesla did not see a capacitor as a compressor of electrons?
I commented on this a few posts back.
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
4) Earth has high self inductance....totally agreed...if earth had low self inductance then there would be no limit to the current...every lightning spark will be like a massive meteor strike and the charge will take much longer between strikes.....

5) Elevated capacity connecting to ground

I have seen Tesla's new york notes before. I did notice the gap an elevated capacity....

In that document tesla claims that the main oscillation is C1L1L1 and that the frequency of the secondary and topload is not important...

is that correct? .....that the real tuning is the height of the elevated capacity and straight connection to ground.
That is partly correct. The system will work if you use different frequencies in these systems, but it will work considerably better if these frequencies are the same as Tesla noted in his CSN (scan for "for obvious reasons", I forgot the page number).
This is an example of where you miss the point if you do not read the "code". This is explained in the part where Tesla describes his new process of producing iron.
You do not use the power directly ("the energy is CONSERVED"), you split it and use part of it to combine it with something from our atmosphere. THIS process generates the power that you use, and what you do not use, you recycle.
"What the sender does in the receiver is to open a valve to let the energy flow in", and again the energy is conserved.
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
So in theory one can take a large conventional tesla coil secondary tuned to deliver max power through its top load....and then we place this inside a tower with its top load arcing to an even higher bigger top load like your setup and then tune the free oscillations of that bigger top load to Earth ground..... How does one tune to that?
Tuning to 11.77 Hz will happen automagically. You can not make a coil that has such a high Q that it would not auto-adjust to a frequency less than 6 Hz from its max.
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
I am assuming you have actually done this in your lab and you have results to prove it? Because you do say you have verified the 11hz earth resonance frequency?
see the video
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
Wow was that overunity feedback?
What makes you think there would? Where would that energy come from? By what mechanism?
If you have a (>800 Watt) Tesla-coil with a very good ground and a stationary spark gap, you will see "growing streamers" on the top load, because the energy that would normally get lost in the ground is now returned.
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
That is the only part that has me still confused muddled boggled whatever...everything tells me that is shouldn't matter....the energy will arc to ground with no special effect....unless some unexplained magic happens at million volts and higher or that eventually charges from the earth builds up between the bigger top load and straight wire to ground???

That my friend I have never seen any one replicate with a true earth ground ringing a bigger top load with tesla coil top load as shown in the new york notes.
Something "magic" does happen at > 1MV discharges as explained in my video. Perhaps similar effects can be created at lower voltages when the air pressure is decreased, as in Chernetskii's experiments, or when you use a specific amplitude modulation as I explained earlier in this thread. And perhaps there are even more ways....
You may not have seen anyone replicate these phenomena, but I am sure you have witnessed them (in lightning).
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post

Tesla as you quote also mentions that he can achieve any frequency and speed.....This is very confusing because if it is a standing wave the output will appear like DC with a ripple on top.
No DC at all. What makes you think that?
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
How does one extract energy from a standing wave at the receiver? I understand the "magnifying" external part of the top load part...does the receiver need this as well to maximize power reception? Also how is the
HV power extracted from a standing wave harmonic in the receiver....the tuned primary tank will automatically charge and will require a spark will the timing of this gap or speed break be determined. A static gap will be inefficient and through resonance off balance...

Is your Large exterior top load connected to earth ground and have you generated standing waves yet?
Any properly tuned coil connected to the ground will resonate... No other circuitry required.
Originally Posted by aquaminx View Post
Anyways I think this is too many questions for one post...I have thousands of questions believe me...I really wish you I could spend some time at your lab and run some wild experiments.

Thanks for your post...great work again! looking forward to some replies.
I believe you.
These voltages may prove quite lethal in wild experiments....

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