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Originally Posted by Jeff Pearson View Post
Looking into what to purchase to wind the secondary with and am really getting confused. I am looking for a 6 AWG size conductor. 1/8th inch copper tubing and 6 AWG welding wire cost about the same. The welding wire is made of many small conductors so should be good for skin effect. I saw some 6 AWG Litz wire on Ebay made of magnet wire but that guy didnt have a long enough length. Might look into a spool of that. A cheap solution is 1/8th inch wide copper tape. Lots of surface area low mass???. And the there is the suggested teflon insulated coax. What would i be looking for in coax that has an outer conductor the right size??? Any suggestions and or pros and cons of each choice would be much appreciated. Today I got an antenna 29 feet into the air and am messing with a standard crystal radio.

oh and I am 15.87 miles away from my thousand watt station with the rift a little closer to me as per attachment on post #38..........and yes have done the PVC pipe trick for trees out here in the desert I will do that for my ground rods when I get them.

Hey Jeff

Sounds like u have some good ideas for conductors, Only thing I would suggest is to stay away from buying anything for now. The trick I used was to scrounge at the dump and local guys with junk in their yard will sometimes sell u bits and pieces for pennies, also an option that I almost took was to use many strands of magnet wire scrounged out of a few old CRT tv's, U can get about two layers of full length turns from one tv depending on the size,I calculated that I was going to need 8 turns of magnet wire to make up the conductor diameter, so I would have needed about 4 tv's about 27" or bigger ... Now that said u may not be able to find the exact conductor diameter for your project. I found that it was easiest for me to do all the math for my frequency following Aaron and Eric's video presentation and the e-book. Then once I knew my conductor length i was able to find something of that length that I had laying around luckly, which was actually quite a bit larger then I wanted diameter wise but its what I had. So I took my conductor diameter and started to work the math backwards till I came up with a form size built for the conductor diameter. That is why my coil is so large. I looked up buying conductors of around the same diameter and it is very pricey for experimentation purposes. I found it much cheaper to buy material to build the form a different diameter. As for skin effect, I am no expert thats for sure. I have read a few papers on it but it was about three years ago now and my knowledge retention is dwindling with the more kids I have lol. I will have to look up those papers again and get back to u. Pretty sure I just googled conductor skin effect at high frequencies. And as for the coax cable. I looked into it as well but I wasn't sure about stray capacitance between the outer conductor lining and the inner wire. It may have an effect on tuning. Hope this helps
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