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HEAR IT: Dallas police audio captures chaos - NY Daily News

Graphic video shows ambush, shooting of officers in Dallas | Dallas Morning News

Calvin Johnson, 36, said he knew witnesses near El Centro who said the shooter told them, "Somebody's fixing to get killed tonight -- an officer. "

They said the shooter then put on a bulletproof vest and shot the DART officer in the back.

El Centro College officers recall night of deadly ambush - Story | KDFW This article confirms Michah shot the officer on the ground at the beginning. timeline wfaa timeline great video

The Central Track video proves Micah Johnson was not involved in the initial ambush. This video was uploaded less than 8 hours after the shooting and was not turned over to authorities until sometime after. Had he turned it over to the media or cops, there is no doubt that Micah moving from behind his suv over to the pillar would've been edited out.

Micah Johnson moves from behind his vehicle at the 12-13 second mark. The video is sourced at central track in an article written by the man who filmed this smoking gun footage. This video footage was uploaded less than 8 hours after being recorded.

That's Micah and his SUV. That's at a point where he apparently had not yet engaged in any gunfire with police. I think the evidence will show that Micah arrived late to the party, amongst many other things. The officers in the CT video did not know exactly where the shots were coming from until Micah began firing on Lamar. That means at that point not a single officer fired a shot. There are 8-10 shots fired (8-15 second mark) from the time he's behind his vehicle to when he's first hidden by the pillar. Those shots were not fired by Micah Johnson or any law enforcement. unidentified person 1:05

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