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Originally Posted by Jeff Pearson View Post
ground here is dry sandy clay. I pounded a 4ft piece of rebar for a ground to start with. Then I tried my roof. I am building a concrete dome on top of rammed earth walls. There is a 3ft piece of rebar every 30 inches driven into the rammed earth walls to connect the bond beam to the metal skeleton of the roof. The CRI coil and the crystal radio both work better using this for ground than a standard ground rod. I have not made an actual ground plane yet but I do have the room to do so. the rammed earth walls are a 20ft diameter on the inside circle and the walls are about 30inches thick so the connection to earth is good as far as surface area goes
Just as a suggestion for when u put in your ground network, maybe run some pvc pipe beside ur ground rods and wires with holes drilled so u can flush an electrolitic solution down to the conductors to help them. I have done this before with gardens for feeding the plants. It will saturate the soil and the conductor giving u a larger conductive surface area. I was going to do this with my system but my water table here is less than 4' from the surface so it is kinda pointless here.
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