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CRI Update

Woo Hoo I won the CRI

Just want to throw out a special thanks to Aaron and Eric for the "Crystal Radio Initiative". It has been a time consuming build but very educational for me. Also a shout out to the annonymous donor of funds for the CRI Challenge. The funds are going to good use on the build.

I have now finished the extra coilIMG_0719.jpg and have added a precision adjustor to my capacitorIMG_0717.jpg IMG_0718.jpg Lol. Crude but effective. This is the beast with the extra coil and new toploadIMG_0716.jpg. I have pounded my holes in the grounding and am just waiting to receive funds for the aluminum to fill themIMG_0720.jpg. I have also decided that instead of using the 4awg copper, i am going to dig a thin trench about 12" deep and pour aluminum between all holes. I will also be pouring an extra eight holes in addition to these in the same pattern only 10 feet out. Also connected the same way. I am hoping i can get about 200lbs+ of aluminum in the ground. This should be effective as a good grounding system for now.
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