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Originally Posted by k4zep View Post
I will follow this with interest and attempt to duplicate when enough information becomes available!


Anyone working on TK/Kapagen/Akula systems or homemade Tesla coils is going to have most of the circuitry needed for this, though it may need modification.
HV inputs with large resonant circulating currents and sharp HV kicks that often make for expensive learning experiences on how to drive them. The bane of SSTC's everywhere.

Magnetically, input ferrite is high permeability, output ferrite is low permeability. Input coil is partially saturated and surrounded by ceramic magnets all pointing inward.

Electrically, input is a resonant tank circuit controlled with an H bridge, configured into something that looks like 'Push-Pull-Sleep' (rather than push/pull).
Output circuit is a synchronous rectifier that is normally closed and is opened just before the push/pull transition above. I hope the timing diagram made a little sense from what I posted. Output is DC with some kicks (SM's ears must be burning)

If you ask Graham, he will say outright he doesn't know why it works, but will go into detail over what principles he thinks are important to the process and how it *might* work. But again, it's all bleeding edge and he did not want to accidentally make a modification that breaks the device just before the conference.

He named it a 'magnetic implosion transformer', which by itself should be a big clue as to how he thinks it works.
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