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some goodies

OK, here's a few initial goodies, as I documented plenty this time

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* Input is an H bridge set up as a charge pump, 200-300v constant current source, and I'm sure lots of efficient circulating current.
* Input is not driven like a normal ZVS, there is a rest period. The input drive is closer to 33% A, 33% B, 33% off.

* Output is a synchronous rectifier with HV carbide MOSFETs, normally closed but opened for a very small part of the total cycle (somewhere around/near the A/B phase transition of input circuit). The EMF spike can reach the 1-2kv, and the circuit is re-engaged near the peak of this spike.
* The filtered output is constant DC with a spike at every interruption.

* System operation is around 20-50kcps, with constant output range around 5-10 watts. Input can be tuned allowing COP to undefined or negative, with reduced total output. There are cutoff regions above and below this freq range where the effect stops manifesting.
* The demonstration (I believe) was about 1.5w in and around 8.5w out, and he mentioned it can be tuned for different results. The power level seems to be limited to saturation of the ferrite.
* Control circuitry appeared to be a ring circuit of hex inverters for pulses and timing.
* Output is wound to maximize L and minimize R (RF style winding)
* All wire is Litz. It handles well at RF but is unsure whether it is required for operation.
* There are magnets placed above the primary to partially saturate the primary ferrite to the 'knee'.

Since *he* doesn't really know why it works, I'm not going to bother speculating either. Just posting the details I'm pretty sure about. Hopefully this and the attached images can give you a better idea on the setup. It's all still pretty bleeding-edge stuff.

Anyone know how it works? I'm sure we'd all like to know (including him!)

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