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Additional Details and Speculations


The ferrite "C" cores also have a total gap of 0.010" which is composed to two separate spacers of 5 mil Mylar sheeting.

There was no attempt to measure the temperature of the cores given the time frame.

The big problem with replication is going to be getting the high permittivity "C" cores. Graham believes that they are no longer available commercially, however if money were available (say $5K) a custom lot could be contracted for. So if you have any of they "fossils" laying around you had better hang on to them.

This is not a cheap device to build (at the moment) you will need four (4) FETS that will cost $70.00 each. I would estimate a person would be into the whole set up for around $1,500 US. But that is far cheaper than Peter's jumbo Bedini motor that he demonstrated at around $3,500. Now the price of instrumentation is a different matter.

Graham reports that he got the idea last November when he couldn't sleep. The inspiration came to him to take the components of a two year old failed experiment and move forward with it. He retrieved the box of parts from his storage van and started in. (My dates could be all wrong)

Aaron has be a great help to Graham both in the documentation and the invitation to speak. Aaron provided a set of the expensive FET's in Grahams time of need a few months ago. Aaron has probably hit the jack pot as a far as a subject goes for publishing goes. I would hope the rest of the world would take an interest in this subject and buy his books and DVD's.

So get your order in for Graham's lecture so that Aaron will fix that one up first or second.

One reason for the muted response to Graham's demonstration could be all the other great presentations. John Bedini was disclosing his work with the Royal Rife technology. Peter Lindeman was displaying a huge Bedini engine/motor. We also had Morey King and his take on the Henry Moray technology. Plus several other great speakers. I was to busy with Graham to attend all of the lectures.

There was only one young man that appeared to take a serious interest in what Graham was doing. He was taking notes and asking important technical questions. Graham offered all the technical detail this individual could copy. By rights there should have been 20 people clustered around him. Maybe there will be next year.

What I find interesting when comparing it to my own interests in the E.V. Gray technology is that there is a lot in common. To me this points to possibility of a shared fundamental physics. The Gray technology was measured to have a COP of 282 at the 7.5 kW level so maybe Grahams system could be up scaled several times and the COP improved as well. The Gray system operates using huge current pulses, Graham's system is continuous. The Gray system's main focus was repulsion force (torque) while Graham's device seems to output classical electricity (but I don't know that for sure - the lamp seemed normal enough with no exotic glows). The fundamental frequency of operation of my Gray transformer is 46 kHz. Gram's system is running at 50 kHz but he is using ferrite. Gray used common steel transformer laminations, so there is hope that the high u core can be replaced something more accessible if commonality hold true.

I suspect that the operational theory may be something like what McFreey proposed, at least the excitation of the conversion transformer has these elements in it. That is a huge magnetic pulse followed by a specific RF burst. what happens after that is any bodies guess. Graham's system follows what McFreey said how the OU is contained in a short but powerful output voltage pulse from the secondary. Who knows, but it is a place for me to start.

I have know Graham for about 10 years since we live in the same city. I'm trained as a classical EE, but I know very little compared to his knowledge of magnetics and electricity. I can barley ask descent questions when we get together. He is an excellent teacher and can sketch with the ability of a cartoonist.

I know of no other Free Energy researcher who would discover such a profound and powerful process and then give it away.

Mark McKay, PE
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