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It reads like a detective thriller

Excellent work. I enjoyed following Tesla's approach and discoveries made possible by your superb research, collation and editing.

1. Your conclusion plus the comments about the transmitter working better at altitude suggests the temperature ie the coolness of the electrons affects the conductivity of the air. Accordingly, his belief he could achieve same at lower altitudes suggests the cooling effect which you describe in the PCR process is likely how he intended to achieve it.

2. I was surprised Tesla thought lightning would cause rain anywhere such as in a desert. He did not seem aware at the time of the effect of vortices on the concentrative male force like found in Colorado vs. the female tenuity force described by Reich in his Arizona rain making experiments. Reich used denatured radium to break the tenuity field quickly or did so slowly by moving orgone by aiming aluminium pipes and flowing water attached to a creek with lots of orgone. Reich says there are two types of orgone DOR and POR. As DOR and POR are prana he too only had part of the picture. Reich's experiments suggests the prana converts gender ie from air to the water. Walter Russell explains how the genders attract each other while the male force is concentrative so low pressure systems and orgone attraction similarly charged cloud droplets to form clouds) and the female force high pressure zones are radiative so creates a tenuity force (airborne water in desert tenuity fields stay apart so skies remain clear). I think there is more complexity to consider which requires use of the laws of correspondence, gender, polarity, rhythm, menatalism, harmony and cause and effect and the law of the higher plane or consciousness being required to change the lower are all required to sort these factors out. The hermetics and Walter Russell thread is helpful.

3. Tesla identified the male gaseous electricity as prana but did not mention the 5 types of prana, earth and water (female), air and fire (male) and quintessence. So I am guessing the incompressible fluid is found in both the earth and water, while at urged there are likely two types of male gaseous Prana. Perhaps quintessence prana is what you find in plasma like on the sun where there is no separation into genders. I suspect each gender can be either polarity as in magnets there is gaseous prana going both directions as described by Leedskalnin's in Magnetic Currents (he did not call it prana).

4. The law of correspondence suggests that in magnetism similarly the female prana are in water or the metal and the two male prana are the forces going in and out the Bloch wall and the poles. I wonder if these are all the same thing with different aspects similar to your convincing argument that the hot and cold electricity are the same thing. UFOPolitics has an excellent visual of Wheeler's book on magnetism.

5. In the body you have the so called male vital force which is conscious and the female vril which is unconscious. The vril is supposed to follow the nerves so that makes sense as female earth prana but I don't see how the male vital force passes through the blood unless the gaseous prana from the lungs becomes tiny bubbles in the blood. So when high voltage power lines are built through cities or agricultural lands the effect you describe sucks out gaseous prana denuding our food and people of their vital life force. I pray you succeed but put the wireless transmission up in the mountains away from people and agriculture.

6. Chapter 12 of Bruce Cathie's excellent The Energy Grid discusses the harmonic math presumably used by Tesla to locate both Colorado Springs and wardencliff on the earth grid at places related to the reciprocal harmonic of the grid speed of light 144000 minutes of arc per second. He also explains how Tesla calculated that a wavelength of 2000 meters is necessary to transmit usable power through the earth (so the copper coils at 1/4 the wavelength would be 500 meters for easier tuning?) which is about 1.08 minutes of arc or 1/20000th of the circumference of the earth which he claims tunes it to the world grid. He also says that the resonant frequency of the earth is directly related to the speed of light. So we have to learn harmonic math to locate the transmitters and receivers and to choose the wavelengths. The book gives you the wavelength to pass through the earth most efficiently which I doubt is the same for the transmission through the air. Your quote mentioned the speed of the electricity in the gaseous medium being about 300000 feet per second vs. 900000 for the incompressible fluid which might help calculate the wavelength as the prana going each way take the same time. Reading Cathie's book suggests to me there are many possible places on the world grid.
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