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Originally Posted by ricards View Post
Hi Ernst,

First of all thank you for sharing your work, I have read the whole thing and It its really fascinating how you relate Tesla paperwork and statements into electricity and its generation. I somehow understood the "Logic" of how Tesla Magnifying Transmitter works, but not fully, there are some terminologies that I could not fully comprehend, and I also could not understand how Electricity is related to heat. (Is this somehow the phenomenon that other calls "Cold Electricity"?).

I do not understand the Sun Part where sun PCR (primary cosmic radiation) hits matter then it gives off SCR (secondary cosmic radiation). There is no matter in the vacuum right (is it somehow the “Dark Matter”)?

From what I understood, one of the phenomenon that TMT exploit s is similar to what happens when lightning strucks, (electron avalanche) where in ambient electrons (or whatever it really is) gets dragged, sucked, attracted, Entrained along the flow of energy (plasma discharge) I assume this is the “Current Rise/Amplification”. (is this correct?).

(since this gaseous medium behaves like a fluid, “Entrainment” should also be applicable, There is an invention on the market called “Bladeless Fan/Air Multiplier”. How Does a Dyson Air Multiplier Work? - Core77 is this somehow the same?.. Bernoulli effect?.. Coanda effect?..)

And the other one is If you do it in a fashion where in the Electrical vibration you send to earth and the electrical vibration reflected back by earth combines (like an echo resonating), a bigger or stronger vibration is produced (Standing wave), I assume this is the “Voltage Rise/Amplification”. (Is this Resonance?).

(I Experimented on sound waves (longitudinal wave) by whistling in the corner of a concrete walls and at certain angles my whistle seems louder even though I did not blow harder or louder. It seems the echo is combining with my whistling. I guess this is the Standing Wave??)

According to the document In order to demonstrate the effect with a machine:

1. Get a power source.
2. Create a “PUMP” of the gaseous medium (an Electrical Oscillator). (the compressor)
3. Discharge the plasma through the ground via Transmitter. (the heat sink? Or cold hole?)
4. Since you discharge an “Incompressible fluid” to the ground which is already filled with it. Somewhere, somehow the fluid will overflow out of the ground back into the ambient through the least resistance path, in this case It is your Receiver.
5. If we continue in this manner we now have a flow of this gaseous medium, therefore having electricity correct?
6. Now Harness the electricity, and use this and repeat step 2.

If by any chance we could have a gain in “Current” by this means, we must then tune it properly in order to Increase “voltage”?.

I am not claiming anything or whatsoever, I simply reiterated what I have understood based on your work and relay it in my own layman’s term, To find out and confirm if I have understood it correctly or not.

Hope its not too much to read as your was longer.

A couple of references for you.

The first one will help you understand the cosmic rays' interaction with our atmosphere. The vacuum of space is far from empty. Every star in the universe is emitting rays in various frequencies, IR, UV, x-rays, gamma rays, etc. A "ray" in Tesla's day is what we call a charged particle today. The closest source of these charged particles is, of course, our sun. Taken as a whole, it is called the solar wind. In essence, the "vacuum of space" is a plasma.

Solar Wind: WSA-ENLIL Solar Wind Prediction | NOAA / NWS Space Weather Prediction Center

This second one helps understand Tesla's magnifying transmitter. Electrical generation and transmission are two different processes. Tesla went to Colorado Springs to experiment with wireless transmission. Don't get bogged down in all the info at this following link. Just go to the July 4, 1899 notes and read them and then think about what you would have if you could make lightning strike the same point repeatedly at intervals you could control. IMO, that was the purpose of the TMT. Tesla even mentions lightning in some of his patents.
Colorado Springs Notes 1899-1900

Interestingly, he saw ground to cloud lightning on July 4 but didn't recognize it for what it was. The first high speed video of ground to cloud lightning was captured near Colorado Springs.

His early transmission patents proposed to transmit industrial scale power between balloons at altitudes of 30,000 feet and above. He never attempted that. There would surely have been photos if he had. At some point he decided to use the crust of the earth as the transmission medium. But on July 5, 1899 he was still talking about extracting hydrogen from the atmosphere to maintain the balloons at altitude so it's not clear exactly when he changed to using the ground as the transmission medium.
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