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sorry thx - to err is human

Hi Dave --- single wire and whatever may arise, It seems a refreshing and free flowing thread and its nice to see you reading it.
so sorry thx I should have been clearer. Its actually the three still photgraphs shown in the research article on the web page I linked to I was considering re- boiling, - to wit ----


and obviously boiling furiously

It is assumed (at least by me) that current is directly proportional to (real) energy consumption in this case.
the energy graph Peter is experiancing seems very similar to that which I demonstrated with a couple of spoons.
I have no intension of building anything like Peters boiler for tea cups but rather try to focus on that huge energy drop down when boiling occurs . maximise the effect and extract heat from a gently boiling tank. a balancing act sure but I think (or perhaps hope) its worth a try . as I wrote earlier I have managed (by buggering about with shape and spacing) to get a gallon tank boiling using 18 watts of real power . can I extract into a radiator ? can I reproduce the thing ? I don't know yet thx but I hope you get the gist of whats caught my attention and why the fact it isn't a straight line power graph is important, after all nothing like this is possible with resistance heating . from Peters pictures I see he is using tap water and hence quite high 'real power' consumption relative to the deionised water (I am now using). does it matter if I circulate deionised water through my radiator ? I think not a jot its only the heat exchange I require
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