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Splintering the EU,,, more bad economic theory

Italy is the third largest bond market in the world. It's banking system has started crashing. Renzi wants to save it by printing. He is telling the ECB and EU to "get stuffed" "We Won't Be Lectured" - Italy's Renzi To Defy Brussels Over Banking Bailout | Zero Hedge

"according to which the net income of virtually every social group of Americans has devolved dramatically in recent years. As a recent Pew survey showed, by 2014, median income had fallen by 13 percent from 2004 levels, while expenditures had increased by nearly 14 percent. "
Chicago Disintegrates - Gun Shootings Soar An Unprecedented 89%: "It's The Struggling Economy" | Zero Hedge

"The bail-in scheme was supposed to shift losses from governments to bank creditors and depositors, but it has served instead to scare off depositors and investors, making shaky banks even shakier. On top of that, heightened capital requirements have made it practically impossible for Italian banks to raise capital. According to Lorenzo Cordogno, former director general of the Italian Treasury, the result has been that the ECB is “unwittingly destabilizing the banks in an overzealous attempt to make Europe’s banks safer.”
Brexit and the Derivatives Time Bomb

"The social mood was darkening globally " Going… Going… Gone! The EU Begins to Splinter | David Stockman's Contra Corner

Western bankers and politicians, all being parasites, try to stimulate the economy so that they can rake off the best part,,, with the least effort. They pump in "money" into the upper loop and expect that it will stimulate the lower loop. This "wealth effect" is supposed to work magic. BUT, eventually, the bills come due.
"unleashed by the People’s Printing Press of China after 1994. But the incendiary hot house economy which resulted is now pinned under $30 trillion of unserviceable debt and the greatest eruption of malinvestment, excess capacity and sheer investment waste in recorded economic history "
The Curse Of ‘Wealth Effects’ Central Banking | David Stockman's Contra Corner

"So for the third time this century, a business cycle contraction will come without warning from the Fed. Once again the Cool-Aid drinking perma-bulls, day traders and robo-machines will be bloodied as they stampede for the exist ramps." "At the same moment, the futures market was signaling an open on the cash S&P 500 at 2110 or within 0.09% of its all-time high and at nosebleed PE ratio of 24X reported earnings."
"That’s right. Since the auto cycle bottom in mid-2010, retail motor vehicle sales have rebounded at a $360 billion annual rate, whereas auto loans outstanding have risen by $355 billion." NO problem, we're only $5 billion out of pocket.

GOV (bankers) took the interest on our savings account. Then, they figured that we would just spend the money since it wasn't earning interest. We did just the opposite and saved even more. Money velocity is down in the dumps and they need us to spend MORE. MORE consumption. On anything EXCEPT gold. Evidently they are starting to block gold sales.

7/04 Bear Stearns 2.0? UK’s largest property fund halts redemptions – ZH
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