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for what is might be worth
Yes, that is what I meant with the many theories....
Good points in this video:
- we did not evolve in a linear way from primitive to more advanced.
In my opinion our current society was born in Rome (baby), grew up during the middle ages (toddler), became a young teenager around 1700 and is now in puberty; a rather volatile age.
Since our society does not have any parental guidance we are bound for another rather painful mistake before reaching a more mature situation.
- there were advanced civilizations in the past, but they have disappeared. Could it be that their advanced parents invented x-boxes and that the youth lost interest in anything else. Then when the batteries were empty, all that remained was stupidity. We see a similar process today where people openly admit they believe in a flat world.
Bad points:
- granite is an excellent conductor. Not really! Copper, which was also widely used would have been hundreds of times better. Why then turn to granite for a conductor?
- granite is slightly radioactive which helps to ionize the air. I think the number of ionized air atoms near a 1 Kg granite stone can be counted on the fingers of 1 hand. If ionization was required, surely they must have had better options.
- comparing the aquafer to that on Long Island. These structures (pyramid and tower) are also both build on Earth and extend into the atmosphere. So does the Eiffel tower, which is also near a river and has nothing to do with power generation. The main reason for Tesla to build at Long Island was that that was the most logical place for transatlantic communication.
Tesla did not plan on using electricity generated by the aquafer, there is no such statement or even hint by Tesla. Tesla used a 200 KW generator that was installed in the accompanying building. (and very well documented)
- comparing the pyramids to Tesla's wireless system is a giant leap of imagination. Based on absolutely no evidence whatsoever. The images shown, of what could be an electric lamp, also show a cable connected to it at the bottom.
- the mention that Tesla was successful in transmission of sound and images at Wardenclyffe is not based on any historical fact.
- that the pyramids still produce electricity which can be seen as sparks jumping from a metal ball held at the top, is disproven by the image at 7:29 showing sharp metal points at the top of the pyramid without a trace of electrical sparks.
- that the stone chest in the kings chamber would have held the arc of covenant is a ridiculous conjecture. If you really study the pyramids, you would find that they were build more than 10,000 years ago and that was before there was an arc of covenant. That this arc was a super conductor is an equally ridiculous conjecture based on no fact whatsoever, and so is the mention of that this chest needed a super conductor to make the whole system work.

I am not going to discus this any further. The whole point of my work was to steer away from conjectures and look at facts. That is what the 66 pages are intended to show.
One can disagree with some of my interpretations, but no one can deny that my work is based on the work of Tesla and that my interpretation makes perfect sense all throughout Tesla's work.


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