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CRI Update

Did some calculating for my capacitor and have built a fairly crude looking but hopefully effective capacitor.IMG_0705.jpgIMG_0706.jpgIMG_0707.jpgIMG_0708.jpg The size of plates and how many is based on surface area of the secondary coil windings surface area. I calculated the surface area of the entire coil and adjusted my primary as well IMG_0709.jpgIMG_0710.jpg so that the surface area of all 3 components is within 100sq/in of eachother. This hopefully will cause the coil to resonate better. Also I have got the material now for the extra coil so I will be starting work on it next. This coil will be 1'6" tall and wide, it is a 1:1 ratio coil. Coil will be 90 turns with a wire length of 439'4" and close to 10awg so that is what i am going to use. Also I am changing my topload, The copper hemisphere I have built could possibly cause what looks like a dead short in the coil so i will be replacing it with 2 Toroids made from 6" aluminum foil ducting which will be capped with an insulator on each end to prevent this dead short in the coil.The big toroid will be around 3 ft in diameter and the smaller will be around 2 ft.
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