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Germany looting Europe... The SKEW index

The short story is; Greece crashed because it can't compete with Germany as far as productivity goes. It was locked into the same currency but much less productive. Great Britain is following in the steps of the Mediterranean countries. It has it's own currency but, it still has to trade with the EU currency bloc. Germany has a great advantage and wants EVERYBODY to stay in the union. Britain pays $ 10 billion in taxes to the EU and is slowly going bankrupt.
Revenge Of The Rubes - Why The Days Of The Financial Elite's Rule Are Numbered | Zero Hedge

The Germans call Brexit; a bad joke. "Helpless In The Face Of British Chaos" - What French And German Newspapers Are Saying Today | Zero Hedge

Marc Faber,
“In the 13th century we fought the Hapsburg Empire to be free and not to have foreign justice and foreign laws and not to pay taxes to foreign overlords,” he explained.
“This is precisely what the EU does with all the countries. They want to impose courts of justice, taxes, regulations, new laws and most of which inhibit economic growth. This is a victory for freedom and for people, the Brits.”
"Brexit Sends A Clear Message To Sick Political Elite" Marc Faber Sees "Only Good Contagion" | Zero Hedge

The VIX is the fear index and it is going down.
BUT, the SKEW is the true picture;

The SKEW is up in the stratosphere;

6/30 There are now $11.7 trillion worth of bonds with negative yields – CNBC
SO, the value of bonds is going down. This is seen as a rise in the attractiveness in gold. NIRP has made gold attractive as a store of value. The "best" store of value is the one that is universally regarded. AND the one that is least susceptible to GOV theft.
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