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Political revolt. What is next?

It's beginning to look like Brexit may pop the bubble in European finance. Voters with money voted to stay. Voters without money voted to leave. Regulatory capture allowed the bankers to squeeze the wealth out of the productive sector. That sector is now revolting.
The End Game Of Bubble Finance——Political Revolt | David Stockman's Contra Corner
This bubble is looking pretty thin; Bonds Ain't Buying It | Zero Hedge
Bank of America has some advice; Bank of America: "If You Are Going To Panic, Panic Early" | Zero Hedge
The technocrats are trying to push ahead with their vision of utopia; EU referendum: German and French to unveil European superstate blueprint post-Brexit | Politics | News | Daily Express
The EU was anti-democratic and a great thing for the bankers in London; The Collapse of Western Democracy
The EU was a coup over democracy by the technocrats. That's why there was no voting allowed. The British referendum was only barely allowed. And then, only because it was non-binding. The technocrats didn't want to take a chance on things going wrong. Now, 8 other States want to exit.
Stockman's Corner
The End Game Of Bubble Finance——Political Revolt

OK, so do the technocrats just ignore the votes and squash everything? They already have political revolt. Will they risk open revolution?

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