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The only way Maryanne Gaffney-Kraft could get away with the decomposition excuse is for KJ's face not to be photographed on January 11. His face was swollen the following morning, which was reported by officer Michael Adams. This is devastating proof of homicide, most likely some type of strangulation. If KJ's face was not photographed in the gym we certainly know why. The gift was realized long ago, so I guess we'll wait and see if the Johnsons will organize well and tip the COD. Here are some of KJ's distinct markings consistent with strangulation.

-defensive wounds unexplained
-livid and swollen face
-swollen lips
-tongue bitten
-large amounts of unexplained blood
-blood from nose and mouth
-bruising on neck

Kendrick Johnson's death is consistent with some type of homicidal asphyxiation. This account was about 21 hours after he was last seen alive.

The paragraph starts with: On January 11, 2013 at 10:32 am.

"The facial area was severely disfigured and swollen."

I hear what you're saying, but those same markings could also be explained as a result of Positional Asphyxiation. I'm sure he struggled once he realized that facing downwards into the mat was a bad idea, as would anyone. I'm sure he struggled like hell and could have injured himself that way, prior to death.

I really don't need to be open about things I don't believe and that there is no evidence for.

What you may think happened is not evidence that what you think, actually happened. I lean mostly to providing corroborative evidence for what most likely took place.

You need to honestly review all of the information, which of course you have not done. I've likely assembled more evidence of homicide than anyone involved in this case. MS great page Strangulation autopsy decomp body moved

http://www.strangulationtraininginst...strangulation/ PA death study

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