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Hi Aaron

It's time to see, all day I have charged these batteries that are
new on a very low spike Brand new 2200mah no excuses
now these batteries will kick butt.

batteries rest at 13 v running under load at 1.6 amps 4.05v
starting 3.45oc this is a single battery under test not 3.

Wowzzee these ones are mighty

Oh yeah I need to tell everybody I made another mistake by
using a 1 amp meter because the nettle was pinned over now
my meter is a large 5amp scale, more leg room, I'll check the
old one again for a minute. maybe I cut off the readings for the
first 30 minute before. I think so because now I am at 3.79v
and the amp draw is still 1.25amps, yeah I did I cut off the
the start up readings on other tests.

BRB with more data comparison, I will get it right.

Ps back now

3.45oc 4.05v at 1.6amps

4.00oc 3.88v at 1.4amps

4.15oc 3.78v at 1.25amps

4.45oc 3.58v at 1amp

1st hour Joule report = 17,784 J


4.45oc 3.58v at 1amp

5:15oc 3.48v at 800ma

5:45oc 3.36v at 650ma

2nd hour joule report = 10,206 J


5:45oc 3.36v at 650ma

5:55oc 3.25v at 500ma

3rd hour Joule report lasted 10 minutes = 1140 J


Total joule count for single battery is greater than all three
of the old batteries coming to ............

Total Joule count = 28,530 J

Assuming that each battery can produce the result the
total pack energy/joules for this brand new pack is............

New pack Joule count = 85,590 J plus or minus 5% error



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