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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
It certainly makes it easier if you're using lithium batts. Are you satisfied with the results you posted that you got about 1/2 of the rating? That's not good news for the lithium batts your using but were they not fully charged?

I know for the 3.2v lifepo4 batts, 4 is 12.8 volts and ideally, they get pushed to 14.8 ...........................................
Hi Aaron

I re-did the previous sloppy calculation and found an error of
1000 Joules it should have been posted as 23,900 Joules

Now after a few runs and some harder discharges the joule
count is rising. Keep in mind I am only dealling with the
conventional discharge right now to see what's up with
these batteries. Some say 1200mah for these batteries
when they are brand new and we all know batteries give
an actual output that is lower.

The new measurements are for a faster discharge and
very closely watched on the meters. I will be happy with
70 percent of 1200mah. I didn't go all the way to 3.20v
but judging from my curve I wasn't going to make it much
longer than a minute or two so i stopped at the half hour

This new chart shows a 2.5hr run offering 25,700 Joules

I think they look good when you think about it. Maybe it is
the way I am calculating. Under load the new battery would give
the same average voltage of 3.5v and the 1200 x .7 (705) = 840ma
for 1 hour split that in half over a 2 hr and so on.

I got an average of 805ma over a 2.5hr run that makes these
batteries over 1600mah batteries plus. You picken on my

I'll have to confess now that I have been charging this with
genmode so my batteries are getting bigger? What do you think?

I thought if a battery was rated at 1200mah that meant that
over a 2.5hr time frame I should only get an average of 500ma
per hr? Is that right?

Anyway give it some thought here is my chart.

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