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Hi Sky

This is what I am doing.

I am using up the power in C which is the charge battery
as you know conventionally discharging it nothing out of the
ordinary then I am charging "C" (The single charge battery)
with the split positive connection diagram while running a load
and repeating the process of emptying batteries A & B these are
the series connected batteries.

Here is what I said for this test yesterday then I will add today.

1st hour run time of light directly off battery "C"
2nd hour run time of light while charging battery "C"
3rd hour run time of light once again straight off "C"

Okay to add today so far making it another 2 hours of runtime
and charging this time. This being the 4th and 5th hour added
to the 3 hours of run time of the light.

4th and 5th hours charging "C" and running the light at 315ma ending
charge voltage was 4.10volts.

Batteries A & B voltages are 3.47v and 3.51v respectively under load.

I am now discharging "C" which is disconnected from the circuit
once again and this will make it the 6th hour of light.

I am using the split positive connection but the only time I
use it is when I have a dead battery to charge.


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