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Other Measures of an Absolute Reference Frame

And so the theories of relativity come up with the almighty CS, or Co-ordinate System, where the relative speeds are the sole determinant of an objects length, weight, etc. and it is just the way it is, no explanation of causality needed, all to explain away any possible idea of the existence of one absolute reference frame. We live in a world defined by matter, and take for granted notions of absolute reality to make decisions about survival. Someone comes along and says this whole notion of reality is untrue, and a world-wide team pf protagonists develop to propagate this point of view since they like the philosopical bias against it. They seriously want you to believe in a surreal, unanchored, mind-bending view of reality, things bending, shrinking and growing, getting heavier simply due to motion, to support it, and teach it as science, in defiance of common sense.

Besides using the ether, this invisible substance, are there other ways to base calculations on an absolute reference frame? And the answer is of course unless you are stuck in a relative frame of mind.

To this end the cosmic background radiation, quantized red shifts and the sloan digital sky survey must be analyzed for their contribution to the big picture universe.

To be continued...
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