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Ether, Quantum Foam and Gravity

So this ether that is hypothesized as the transmission medium of light was seemingly found by Sagnac. Quantum mechanics has sized the particles of ether (quantum foam, quantum void, zero point energy) at one planck distance, or 10exp-33 m in size or 20 orders of magnitude smaller than known particle sizes. You can see that it is no wonder that they can pass thru matter without interaction as they must since objects in motion tend to stay in motion as one of Newton's findings. But Tesla explains gravity as simply a change in ether's pressure between objects as those that pass through matter exit the mass at a lower value. Hence this change in pressure is felt as a longitudinal wave by other masses and the higher pressure ether on the opposite alignment with other objects push objects together as gravity. I think I saw it on the internet somewhere that Tesla had shown that these waves travel some 20% faster than the speed of light. Remember that if all Einstein Relativity is a fraud, then there is of course no limitation to things travelling faster than the speed of light.

Ah well just some food for thought...
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