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Originally Posted by Ernst View Post
Yes, I agree Elon should be interested. But I think you misjudge the situation.
If you were Elon, you would have many emails every day of people who did 'find' Tesla's secret. You would quickly get tired of that, and also, you'd already have a Tesla coil and know that it only consumes power.
You would not listen to the crazy Dutchman.
Just like any scientist that I spoke to, the moment they hear "Tesla", their brain goes into standby mode and there is no more exchange of information possible.
Then there is the Breakthrough Energy Coalition... But he who knocks on the BEC-door, knocks in vain. I don't even think their mailbox is read.
I was hoping to create some commotion here with the help of Aaron and the Tesla communities, and then this would draw attention and Elon (or someone else, preferably without a murder weapon) would come to me.

I am aware of the situation. I would not recommend emailing (nor knocking on the front door), just like I would not recommend the cow to chase the hare in order to catch it.

Always go for the back door where the guards are down. Not the front which often has a structure in place to bounce bull****, judged by people not exactly qualified to recognize a nugget. But I feel I am now stating the obvious since You are a crazy, clever, stubborn little bugger (I consider these properties assets). But you are wrong, he would not listen. If one studies the person Elon, one must conclude, he also can be defined a crazy, clever, stubborn little bugger. You'd be speaking the same language.

Some creativity is essential. I just wanted to plant a seed to make people think about opportunities outside the known and logical fields. Remember You're only are 6 handshakes away from the president. I know there are some South African members here. If some guy knows a guy who knows a guy? Make it happening!

I will now go in bistander modus as to not clutter up the thread too much.

All the best,

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