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Originally Posted by Jeff Pearson View Post
Did the calculations for this in January finally building it. 1340Khz. 3/4 inch tubing would be close to the ideal conductor but winding it with what I got right now. I think its 20awg
Nice work

So i guess there is someone else out there who is doing this.. I was beginning to think I was the only person working on this

Best part is the way my neighbors look at this 5ft tall 4 ft diameter coil in my back yard. Some think its a chicken coop, some think its a fort for my kids, and I'm sure there are a few who think its some sort of ufo landing pad lol ... So far I have only met one person (in person, not on the net) who actually appreciates what this is actually designed for, and kinda understands what I'm talking about when I try to explain it, and he is an old military guy.

Hope u keep posting updates here. Will be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of who is building one too.
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