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Originally Posted by myenergetic View Post

Thank you for the extraordinary effort. The video and the document are very dense information necessitates a lot of reading to attain to your conclusion.

Most of us coming from the mainstream it require a complete twist of mindset.

If you donít see a flood of comments the basic reason IMHO might be

1, you directed our courtesy to the simplicity of the process that made it hard to find clear indications pointing us where to be next!
I.e. when I knock a door visiting someone normally I expect the same door to open or not, but not every door in the entire city

2, the concept of the CBR either or the PCR and SCR are well accepted in the Standard Model.

3, you created a situation similar to ATLAS and CMS experiments shed light on Higgs properties | CERN where Higgs Boson fitted exactly the standard model expectation and created a situation like In Theory: Is theoretical physics in crisis? | CERN

Until some of us wake up get ourselves together again you have to be very patient. It might be a while before you reach where you think you are heading.

Thank you for your extraordinary effort.

Hope it helps
Thanks JJ,
The document follows the line of Tesla's article, that is in line with the purpose of the document but it is not the easiest way to present the information. For that reason I added a few introduction posts in this thread, hoping that would help the overal readability.
There are a number of differences between the CBR on one side and PCR and SCR on the other. In particular PCR are in my opinion a bit outside mainstream science... Make that quite a bit.

If you wish me to elaborate, just ask, but I will leave it here for now.

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