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Thanks Aaron! I'd very much appreciate your help.
I understand your point of view. For a moment I thought of giving you a few page numbers in my document so to get you more quickly up to date. But I found I can not create a short cut.
You could just read the last 2 pages, then you will know but most probably not understand nor agree. You would really have to read most of the document.
I may be able to give a few page numbers that you could skip...

I have read and enjoyed Peter's interpretation of the self-acting engine.

I thought the document includes 1 or 2 supporting experiments, but no definite proof that it will work. That is not the purpose of the document. The purpose is to show what Tesla tells us. As I said earlier, I think with modern electronics (or even tubes if you insist) it may be possible to provide proof on a much smaller scale.
I will go into more detail later, but if that works, that would increase the value of this system many-fold.
To get some idea of what I am thinking of, look here.

Again, thank you for your support!

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