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Tesla's Self-Acting Engine - TMT?

Originally Posted by Ernst View Post
So Aaron, are you still in?
Hi Ernst,

I posted this earlier today: Tesla's Self-Acting Engine? - A & P Electronic Media

Soon, I will put that in a newsletter, which is overdue anyway. It will go out to quite a few people.

I did look at your references for the "key" and I watched your video. I did not thoroughly review your document #3 that outlines all of this because I don't have time to examine a 66 page document at this time. I understand your comparison between the self-acting engine and the TMT and find it interesting and have to agree that there are some philosophical equivalencies, but I cannot say I agree with it outside of the basic analogy in regards to technical specifics. That does not mean that I will not help to promote your work because I believe other points of view deserve attention as not one person has figured it all out.

What I would like to know is what experiments would you like to conduct that will either prove or disprove your claims? You made references to the fact that you seem to be moving towards a proof.

Eric Dollard has already proven the TMT methods of longitudinal dielectric transmission since the 1970's, but are you saying that you have significant "overunity" claims in regards to the TMT that you can actually show because that essentially is what Tesla is claiming for the self-acting engine, which is something that Eric has steered away from claiming.

If my basic points of understanding of what you're attempting to share are off base, then please let me know. I do support your work and want to share it regardless of my own personal understanding or belief in it.
Aaron Murakami

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