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Beste Ernst,

Exciting times ahead! I think the video is good. As a mere bistander i could not feel the frustration, besides there is this charming dutch accent

I don't think the alternative energy community will help spread the word, nor able to disrupt the current status quo. It is like preaching to the choir, besides being heavily burdened under its own dogma's. As i understand from your own words, current science is not interested either.

There is however a growing shift in global consensus of commercial companies to conduct business in a social and environmentally responsible manner. Still making the dollar bill, but use these bucks to make this world a better place. Especially new innovative (tech) companies seem to follow these business ethics.

One of these company's is Tesla Motors (yes the apple does not have to fall very far from the tree). For example all Tesla Motor patents are OUR patents (the company will allow its technology patents be used by anyone in good faith), just like your philosofy.

I also see many synergy benefits between Tesla Motors and this TMT technology. Even if the technology's only use in first instance would be to keep the old-tech batteries charged anywhere.

If I was you Ernst, I would boldly contact Elon Musk.

Wait, let me rephrase. If I was Elon, I would be more then willing to listen to your story.

Dutch would say "You never know how a cow catches a hare".

I know many here would frown upon my view/suggestion. However, Tesla knew back in the days, you need money to be able to realise dreams, especially big dreams. This holds true till date.

Good luck to you and your endeavors!

Groet and ,
All the best,

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