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Hi Ernst,

I have been following the works and writings of Tesla since the early 1960's when I found a book about him in my high school library. Of course there was nothing ever mentioned about him in either a history class or science class back then. Only much later did I understand why he was not mentioned. Of course in the last 10 years or so everybody is claiming to know the "Tesla Secrets".

Thanks for all your efforts to bring some truth and real knowledge about Tesla to the light. I have been reading both documents you have shared and will also be watching closely this thread. I have also watched the videos you have posted links to.

I can really appreciate all the hours it must have taken to gather all that information. And also the many hundreds of hours it must have taken to find and toss out all the garbage that has been written about Tesla. I am sure there are many others who also appreciate your efforts and just haven't taken time to post their thanks.

Just because someone disagrees with you does NOT make them your enemy. We can disagree without attacking someone. This means YOU especially BroMikey.
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